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Bespoke Gifts, Handmade in Cornwall

About FeliLou

Please pardon our mess! This website is still a work in progress and will be working better  as soon as possible

FeliLou offers handmade bespoke gifts. Perfect for any occasion. 

My arts & crafts business came into being in 2020 .  During "Lockdown" I would walk my dog along the beach at St Ives Bay where I would beach-combe for the exact pebbles and shells required to make my pictures of self-expression.  

I now produce collages from materials such as pebbles, shells and sequins, and invite you to peruse my Gallery shown above. If you would like me to create a bespoke gift to convey that very special thank you or meaningful memento then please fill out the order form with no obligation. I am very happy to produce a mock-up of your gift beforehand.  

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